Those Who Have Helped Us

Veterans’ Families United Foundation and this website were made possible because of the support and encouragement of the following group of people and organizations who, with great respect and regard, made our difficult path bearable and this journey possible.

Sgt. Major Phillip Cozort, a soldier’s greatest ally and our family’s hero.

Elizabeth Nichols, Attorney and champion for soldier rights.

Valley Hope Treatment Centers.

Dr. Michael Herndon, a gifted healer who gave us hope.

David Ogle, Attorney who believed in us.

American Legion, a beacon in the darkness.

Dr. Samuel Jay Lensgraf, psychiatrist and partner in healing.

Derreck Chance, Attorney who gave his heart/time and support to us.

Waco Blakely, Okla. City Vet Center.

David Williams, LPC.

Ed Henne, Counselor Valley Hope.

Sharon Powers, 353rd Eng. Division.

Brandy McDonnell, The Daily Oklahoman.

James Coburn, Edmond Sun.

Denise Brown, Massage Therapist.

Lt. Col Anthony Cox, Walter Reed Army Hospital.

James Munroe, Social Worker, Boston VA Hospital.

Lt. Col Gary Jackson, OKC.

Cmdr. Lissa Wholtmann.

Denise Jones, Midfirst Mortgage.

1st Sgt. Jimmie Stewart, Cmdr. 353rd Army Reserve Unit.

The City of Edmond, Oklahoma.

The office of Wes Lane, Former OK County District Attorney.

American Mothers Incorporated, Karen Mayfield.

Dorothy and Walter Hammert for their gentle, steadfast expertise and support.

Rev. Catherine Shearer, LPC.

Oklahoma State Senator Clark Jolley.

Oklahoma Representative Ken Miller.

The Sister’s of Mercy; Connie, Cathy, Donna, DeeDee, Lamar, Juanita, Winda, Amy, Pat.

Brian Altmann, lobbyist American Counseling Association.

Kathleen Parker, syndicated journalist with the Washington Post group.

Connie Fox, President Oklahoma Mental Health Division Oklahoma Counseling Association.

Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., founder The Tara Approach to healing.

Jerry Chandler, Ph.D., my mentor and friend.

Roger Bruns, Lutheran Minister and Gulf War Veteran.

Bill Draper, Author of Somebody Moved, and Vietnam Veteran.

The office of U.S. Representative for District 5, Mary Fallin, Janet Petty and Nate Webb.

Jack London II, Vietnam Veteran.

M.T. Hayes on behalf of Retired General Tommy Franks.

Rennie Benefield, Counselor Metro Tech and daughter of WW2 Veteran.

Michelle Sherman, Ph.D. and Steven Scruggs, Ph.D., psychologist OKC VA.

Jim Clark, my precious husband and friend and our children James, Jimmy, Kristi, Betsy (and her husband Adam that served in Iraq), and Nikki and their love and patience that have made this course possible.

James Worrell, web site designer and living example of God’s love.

Judge Ralph Thompson, for the scholarship named for his wonderful wife Barbara Thompson, honoring her through his love and support of God, family and country.

Daniel Whitmire, graphic designer for his talents and gift and support with selfless kindness.

Christi Roney, tireless and talented example of all that is right with America.

Grayford H. and Joan Chesher, my parents who helped us to help Joe just because they loved us.

Tim Fannin, Gulf War Veteran and proud Marine with courage and a heart of service.

Mike Eckenrode, 420th Eng. Brigade for truth and kindness.

Julie Freeman on behalf of Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles Band, for taking time to send Joe a personal card of thanks for his service to our country, and a guitar pic used by Tim Schmit during the 05 Eagles tour and the Eagles for their song “Hole in the World” that continues to inspire me.

Lt. General “Bud” Wyatt, for his kindness, compassion and willingness to listen with the heart of a true warrior leader.

Major General Myles Deering, for his foresight, insight, creativity and inspiration to build bridges of care for our warriors and their families.

Col. David Sutherland (ret.), and Lt. Commander Kim Mitchell (ret.) for their service to our country and  passion to reach out and connect community, wounded warriors and their families as past Special Asst. and staff of Wounded Warriors for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Oklahoma Counseling Association for creating the first division in the country for Military, Veterans and Families (CAMOVAF) and for their timely and targeted response to needs from the private sector behavioral health community.

Mike Hoover, 1st Gulf War Veteran, for his encouragement and creative ideas.

Col. Darcy Kauer (ret. USMC) for his steadfast commitment to reach out to any wounded warrior at any time.  An amazing example of a Heart of Service with courage, humility and integrity.




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