• “Vets Deal with Stress Following Service” Nov. 10, 2015, Edmond Sun.  Front page article describes ongoing journey with PTSD and VFU’s involvement with “Rock and Brew” Restaurant.
  • VFU “Tinker Take Off” ad, October, 2015  http://www.pageturnpro.com/The-Journal-Record/68442-15-Combined-Federal-Campaign/index.html#1 Our full page ad appears on page 7!
  • “Breaking Free of PTSD”, MSNBC, Nov. 11, 2014 Ronan Farrow Show (see home page for link)
  • November, 2013 USA Today Veterans Tabloid p. 156 story of Joe Collins ongoing journey home.
  • September, 2013 Fox News Oklahoma City does interview with Cynde Collins-Clark with Joe Collins about Veterans and suicide.
  • December, 2012 NewsMax “The Long March Home” article refers to Veterans’ Families United, p. 50.
  • June, 2012 blog from the American Counseling Association describes VFU’s contribution with the Oklahoma Counseling Association in “Oklahoma Counseling Association Goes Above and Beyond to Help Veteran Population” http://ct.counseling.org/2012/06/oklahoma-counseling-association-goes-above-and-beyond-to-help-veteran-population
  • June, 2012 article about OIF Veteran Joe Collins (the inspiration for VFU) and the late OEF Veteran Cody Green (mother Sara; a founding VFU Board member)
    2012 Memorial Day “Letter to the Editor” by VFU Founder Cynde Collins-Clark
  • “Returning Soldiers Can Get Special Help” article Feb. 12, 2012, The Oklahoman discusses preparation for 3200 OK National Guard returning from Afghanistan and Kuwait and how VFU, the Oklahoma Counseling Association and Give an Hour are “here to help” http://newsok.com/article/3648365
  • Named a 2011 “Hero” by the Salt Lake City Deseret News, VFU was honored to be recognized for our efforts to support military, veterans and families. See http://www.deseretnews.com/top/365/In-our-opinion-Heroes-of-2011.html
  • 2011 BCBS Champion of Health for the Uninsured and the Underinsured. Click here to view the D-Dent video and the dental help they are providing to our veterans.
  • http://www.edmondoutlook.com/archives/m.blog/27/veterans-families-united 2011 Feature Article tells how VFU helps find needed resources
  • Returning Oklahoma soldiers find help is available.  Military officials and mental health experts said convincing soldiers to ask for help when they need it is the biggest challenge they face.
  • VFU was honored to participate in nearly 20 Yellow Ribbon Events across the state of OK during 2008-09. Board members Ret. BG Pete Costilow and Irene Costilow (2009 OK Mother of the Year), Grayford Chesher, Jim Clark, Dr. Connie Fox, Christi Roney, Joe Collins, and Sara Green volunteered to work at the display, hand out literature and assist in presentations.
  • Cynde Collins-Clark from VFU joins the Oklahoma Team at the Paving the Road Home: The National Behavioral Health Conference and Policy Academy on Returning Veterans and their Families in Bethesda, MD in August, 2008. The team seeks to create healthy communities for all veterans and their families.
  • Veterans’ Families United Speaker’s Bureau featured at CFCC (Christian Family Counseling Center) Annual Fund Raiser in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Speakers were Charlie Baer, Executive Director of CFCC, Cynde Collins-Clark, Executive Director of VFU and mom of OIF veteran, Glen Ryswick, Director of Counseling CFCC, Ed Pulido, OIF Veteran and VP of Okla. County United Way, and Jack McCallister, Vietnam Veteran.
  • The Veterans’ Families United “Veterans Day Fund Raiser” becomes a Welcome Home Warrior Citizen Ceremony.
  • Veterans’ Families United has formed a Speakers Bureau to share stories, hopes and projects with the community.

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