Veterans Families United (VFU) is a all-volunteer organization dedicated to honoring our Veterans and their families while providing them with compassionate resources for healing. These donations have been given on behalf of a loved one in remembrance or tribute.


After WWI, Canadian Lt. Col. McCrae wrote the poem “In Flanders Field”. In the poem, poppies are scattered across the graves of the fallen, creating an image of patriotism, grief, mourning and resilience. The poem is written from the point of view of the dead and it speaks of their sacrifice and serves as their command to the living to press on. Since 1921, the poppy flower has been a recognized international symbol to remember the costs of war and those who paid a price and hope for new tomorrows.


Adrangna, Mike (2010)

In memory of Mike Adrangna (1-11-10) from Gerald and Laurie Plummer.

Alexander, Neil (2020)

In memory of Neil Alexander, an honorable veteran.

Avey, Tomas Luke (March, 2015, OEF veteran, Army Ranger)

In loving memory of Tomas and his dedication to our country including two tours to Afghanistan in which he received the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart and Army Commendation Medal.  Saddened by the loss of this young soldier, family and friends pay tribute to his courage, love and service and the many lives he touched.

Bain, Ramsey – U.S. Coast Guard (2014)

In memory from the White family, OR.

Bank, Bert

In honor of Bert Bank, one of America’s finest Veterans and Patriots.

Bledsoe, William, US Navy (2010)

In Honor of the memory of William H. Bledsoe, Louisville KY, a US Navy Veteran.

Borg, Joseph (2016)

In loving memory.

Bostick, Jr., Ranger Major Thomas, US Army (2007)

In memory/honor of Ranger Major Thomas G. Bostick, Jr.

Bowen, N.C. “Doc” – USN, WWII and OK Army National Guard, Korean War Veteran (June, 2019)

In memory of this beloved family member and friend whose life of service included being a business owner, active participant for over 50 years in the American Legion, member of the Kiwanis Club and First United Methodist Church of Ada. He believed in commitment to God, family and country and lived his life as such.

Bradfield, Col. Robert Wayne, US Army

Col Robert Wayne Bradfield, Army from Boise, ID.

Breuer, James, WWII, US Navy (2014)

In Memory from Your Friends at Gotham Comedy Club and Gotham Comedy Live.

Bricker, Joseph A. US Army WWII veteran (Feb., 2004)

In honor of  a life-long supporter of the U.S. military and of veterans and their families specifically. Remembrance made by his daughter.

Briggs, SGT Casey, US Army

In memory of SGT Casey T. Briggs, a true example of the Army values. He will always be remembered for both his honorable service, and what a great person he was.

Butler, Benjamin Harris

In Memory of Commander Benjamin Harris Butler.

Casto, Leo (2014)

In Loving Memory.

Cathey, Charles – USN, WWII (July, 2019)

In memory of a humble peacemaker whose life was dedicated to creating tools to save lives and teaching at OU College of Medicine along side being devoted to his family and embracing life to its fullest.

Chesher, Grayford H., US Navy (2010)

Grayford served his country as a member of the US Navy in the Korean War on the USS Brinkley Bass. He extended his personal knowledge of service, being a veteran, and returning to civilian life by ministering to his grandson Joe as he struggled with the damaging and painful impacts of post-combat shock. But he didn’t stop there. This embracing outreach of comfort and resources extended to all veterans through his investment in Veterans Families United as a founding Board Member. He had a true heart of service and will be deeply missed.

Chesher, Thomas Aubrey, US Army Air Corp, WWII (2013)
Thomas Aubrey Chesher served his country proudly in the US Army Air Corp in WWII.  He continued his “service” to his country until his death in October of 2013.  He was committed to his family and served as an inspiration to the eldest of 8 children, in setting a standard for integrity and for faithfully recognizing the tremendous gift of freedom.  He was the oldest brother of Grayford Chesher, VFU founding Board member and great uncle of Joe Collins for whom this foundation began.  He made a difference.
Clark, Robert G. – USN, Vietnam Veteran (July, 2019)

In memory of a beloved husband, father and brother whose life of service and sacrifice touched many.

Connolly, John (2015) 

In loving memory ~ From Linda A., Chris G. and Marybeth D.

Cromwell, Wayne J. (2023)

In Loving Memory from Linda Filippi

Dean, Delmer, US Marines (2010)
In Memory of Delmer Dean, Oklahoma City, OK, US Marine Corp WWII Veteran, a man of great dignity and integrity and my hero (May, 2010).
Deplois, Tom (US Army Air Corp, WWII, December, 2019)

A devoted man whose life of service made a difference to many.

Diaz, Joe, US Navy (July 22, 2011)

In memory of Joe Diaz who served in the US Navy and was a gunners mate third class and fought in the Normandy Invasion in WWII. He was loved by his family and had many friends, many of whom sent memorial tributes on his behalf. Joe was a true patriot and family man and will be missed by all who knew him.

Dukes, Philip T. (2012)

Veteran’s Day 2012 – In honor and memory of Philip T. Dukes. We are blessed for his years of service in the United States Marine Corps. and kind spirit. He will be remembered always.

Dusold, Charles R., US Air Force (2011)

In loving memory of our dear brother, Charles R. Dusold, an Air Force Veteran, who was a joy and inspiration to all of us who loved him. He loved his country and had a special place in his heart for those who have served, and are currently serving our country.

Eller, Loren Eugene, US Navy

Loren Eugene Eller, US Navy from Bellevue, WA.

Enders, Terry (2024)

In memory of and on behalf of USC Healthcare.

Endres, Terry – USAF (January 23, 1946 to May 10, 2024)

In loving memory.

Erickson, Gerald, US Navy (1913-2016) 
In memory of Gerald J. Erickson, beloved father and friend.
Feather, Robert – USMC (Oct. 17, 2015)

In honor of Mr. Robert Feather, USMC Sgt. who served 3 tours in Vietnam.

Gazdziak, Henry – Army (August, 2016)

In memory of Henry Gazdziak, US Army Veteran, Korean War.  Rest In Peace.

Gerome, Anthony, J. – US Army  (2014)
In memory from the White family, OR.
Gilbert, Clarence A. “Bud” – WWII Pearl Harbor Navy Veteran (1922-2020)

It is with great honor and respect that we pay tribute to "Bud" Gilbert, who believed that serving in the armed forces was the ultimate sign of patriotism and responsibility. This dedication to responsibility and patriotic duty would come to shape his long life of public service.  On December 7, 1941, a day that still lives in infamy for our country, Bud was stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. This day held strong in his memory as he would recount to his family, the public and the world what it meant to him to be there in one of our nation’s greatest times of need. True to his character, he forged on in the Navy and was deployed to both Japan and Korea. A fiercely proud man, it was not until later in his life that he divulged he was captured after his plane went down and held as a POW for over a year and a half. As WWII drew to a close, Bud was rescued and honored with an invitation by Admirals McCain and Nimitz to witness the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on the USS Missouri; this was a profound honor in his life and something he would reflect on often. The war and his service were a defining moment in his life and his family’s life, his sacrifice for our nation and our freedom knew no bounds.

His life is a rich and powerful reminder of the deepest dedication and patriotism.  His dedication to family, Faith, community and our country is an inspiration and model for us all.

Goldhagen, Herman – WWII Veteran  (Dec., 2014)
Thank you for your service to our country.
Green, (Robert) Cody, US Army National Guard, 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma (9-13-2011)
Family and friends mourn the loss of Cody Green. He served honorably in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from 02-03 and was activated again and served in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Cody had a deep heart of service and compassion and extended that to those he loved and in service to his country. We pay tribute to the efforts of his mother, Sara Green, who was a founding VFU Board Member and did all that she could to support not only her son, but those touched through VFU’s mission in the challenges faced by the invisible wounds of war. A recent donation (12-11) was made stating “Our donation is dedicated to Robert “Cody” Green, our beloved cousin, friend and playmate. ”
Hall, Thomas R., US Army

In loving memory of Mr. Thomas R. Hall III, Staff Army Sergeant on behalf of Creative Benefits, Inc., Newtown Square, PA.

Hammert, Walter, Jr. (USAF – Korean War) 2015
In loving memory of Walter Hammert, Jr., a founding VFU Board member since 2007 (along side his wife of 43 years, Dorothy). His presence will be missed, but his spirit of genuine, lifelong commitment to veterans and families will be with us always.  Farewell, our dear friend.  You have left a legacy that has touched many lives with your kindness and steadfast service.
Harkins, Brad (Army-OIF veteran, March, 2019)

A beloved son, husband and father who bravely served.

Harris, Brandon, US Army (2005)

In memory of Sgt. Brandon Harris for his service to our country in Iraq and for the legacy he left through his loving family who continue to serve veterans as a life long tribute to him.

Herrera, Fernando Q. (2020, Army, Vietnam Veteran)

Attributable to his heroic actions in Vietnam, Sgt. Herrera was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star, which are two of the top three military awards, preceded only by the Medal of Honor. Additional military decorations were four Bronze Stars, the Army Commendation Medal, Purple Heart, and several other medals honoring him as San Antonio's most decorated Vietnam Army Veteran.

Higgs, Clifford Leon, USAF MSGT (Ret.) (9/22/13)

In Memory of USAF MSGT (Ret.) Clifford Leon Higgs, Sr.  A hero to his country, a gentle “Papa” to his family.

Hoff Jr., Robert F., (3-2016)
In memory and gratitude for your service.
Hollis, David

In memory of Hollis, David.

Hoops, James Leonard

In Memory James Leonard Hoops, Jr. Master Sargent, retired after 22 years from the Air Force.

Keselmeyer, Major William Philip

In Memory of Major William Philip Keselmeyer.

Landesman, Jay  (2016)

In loving memory

Lee, Norris Larry (Tiny)
In Memory of Norris Larry (Tiny) Lee 2-24-26 to 5-26-11, buried with Military Honors, Ft. Riley Cementary, Ft. Riley, KS.
Luco, James A. (2023)

Hi is gone, but his memory will live on in our hearts.

McCord, Carl Vernon

In memory.  Vills Hills, KY

McCullagh, Matthew Ryan (Army Special Forces: Green Beret – 2015) 

In memory of your service.

McNiece, Jake – Paratrooper and WWII Veteran (January, 2013)
In memory of Jake McNiece for leading 18 paratroopers behind enemy lines in a 36-day mission which helped to ensure the safety of his brothers-in-arms during the Normandy invasion.  Jake then worked for the US postal service where he retired.  His 93 years were full of “service” to others.
Mellen, Henry W. – WWII Veteran (January, 2014)
In Memory of USMC Henry W. Mellen, WWII veteran, for his military service to our country and to his ongoing service to fellow veterans and families through this memorial.
Melott, John

In memory of John Melott and to encourage family members to look for the warning signs of depression and PTSD and to intervene as much as they can.

Milstein, Abraham (2013)  
In loving memory of Abe Milstein who never forgot his patriotism, or love for his country. From Susan and Erick Reickert.
Monoski, Jr., Stephen W. (2018)

In tribute to a lovely person and nice man.

Nurse, Mary T. (February, 2014) – CT.
In memory from the Schuster family.
Nurse, Robert V. (January, 2014) – CT.
In memory from the Schuster family.
O’Kelly, LTC Francis M., MD

In Memory of LTC Francis M. O’Kelly, M.D. (2010).

Payne, Larilane, US Army (2010)

In loving memory of Larilane Payne, Military One Source Coordinator for Central Oklahoma. Larilane was formerly in the military and used her knowledge and her heart of service to go far above and beyond the call of duty. She was an inspiration and gift to all who were blessed to cross her path.

Perkey, Bill US Air Force (2012)

In Loving Memory of Bill Perkey, Royal Oak, MI: An Air Force Veteran.

Porter, James Evert (Feb., 2015, US Army Air Corp WWII)

In memory of a veteran that lived a life a service; who never stopped learning or living life to its fullest and who loved his family deeply.  His passion for embracing all of it will be carried forward through his legacy and love and by modeling the “celebration of life”.

Powers III, Thomas “Tim” Joseph (January, 2014 USMC)
A wonderful father and friend who will be missed greatly.
Rockwell, Sr., Edward O.

In loving memory of Edward O. Rockwell, Sr. (Plum, Pa) whose life was an example of kindness, integrity, honor and selfless service.

Sandmann, Karl R. (2010)

In Loving Memory of Mr. Karl R. Sandmann, Wilmington, MA whose family, friends and community (Maine, Massachusetts) sent an outpouring of donations in his honor; a testament of Mr. Sandmann’s impact on the lives of others and his desire to carry that forward to veterans and their families.

Schilling, Richard (US Navy, 2015)

In memory of Richard L. Schilling who served the the US Navy on the USS Vesole DDR-878 (on behalf of this veteran from the Molina’s).

Schimmel, Gilbert L. – Navy, Army (2017)

In loving memory from his son Mark and family on behalf of a man who was beloved for his wisdom, his playful wit and humor and was admired and trusted for his wise counsel and his ability to handle any task with composure and competence.  His life was an example to all, well-lived in service to God, family and country.

Schimmel, Matthew Edwin (Army 1981-2022)

Matthew Edwin Schimmel passed away peacefully in his parent's arms.  He served three tours of duty post 9-11.  After leaving active duty, he continued to serve in the Army Reserves.  Like many wartime veterans, Matthew suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Matthew was a gentle soul who touched the hearts of many in the paths he crossed.  He will be desperately missed by his family, but we have peace knowing he now enters Heaven and has the peace that he has longed for in recent years.

Scoggins, Phillip R. (1980-2019 USMC)

Phillip fought daily against the weight of PTSD and the symptoms secondary to a traumatic brain injury he sustained while serving his country in the United States Marine Corps. As we mourn for Phillip, we hope to bring awareness to the issues that many of our fellow military veterans suffer.

Seigel, Murray (2012)
In memory of Murray Siegel from Alex D. Wender and Frank Kron.
Slayton, Carl (2016)
In loving memory of Carl Slayton, US Army and for his loving, hard-working and gracious heart as he served our country, then in service as a Fire Dept. Captain and his devotion to all who knew and loved him. 
Smith, Diane (2020)

Given in memory of Diane Smith.

Stedman, Lynn (Army National Guard, 2012)

In loving memory of Lynn Stedman, a humble servant of the Army National Guard for over 30 years and a man whose life was dedicated to the principles of freedom through his connection with family, faith and community.

Stern, Josh (2010)

In memory of Josh Stern who died on Oct. 15, 2010 a soldier who had just returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq and in deep awareness that casualties of war are often invisible.

Sullivan, Chuck, US Air Force (2010)

On October 10, 2010, Chuck Sullivan, an Air Force veteran, passed away at the age of 77. He served our great nation from 1951 to 1959. Mr. Sullivan not only loved his country, but he had a special place in his heart for those who have served and are currently serving in our military. Mr. Sullivan was blessed with 55 years of marriage to his wife, and he was a loving father, grandfather and great grandfather. His family sincerely appreciates the many people who donated to Veterans’ Families United Foundation in his honor and memory.

Thornberg, Jr., Nils A., US Air Force

In Memory of Nils A Thornberg Jr, Airforce. A loving husband, father, pa, and much more.

Uphold, Cliff – (USMC, May, 31, 2015)
In memory of a beloved husband, father, and grandfathers, this donation was made in his memory and on behalf of his love for his daughter, son-in-law and grandson.
Valencia, Raymond – 1928-2013

In grateful memory of his service.

Walsh, Col. Thomas (2011)

In memory of Col. Thomas Walsh, a WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veteran. Tom was an inspiration to so many people. He served his country with distinction and those who knew him felt blessed and proud as he left the world a much better place.

Williams, Zachary (Zach) – Army National Guard

In gratitude and honor of Zachary Williams, OEF and OIF veteran who earned a Purple Heart for his courage and service.

Williamson, Harold MSG (R)  – (2013)  
In memory of Harold Williamson and his pride and service in our country from the Animal Medical Center of Calhoun Co., Anniston, AL.
Wolfe, Russell

In Memory of Russell Wolfe and his passion to serve veterans – a quiet hero.

Woodyard, Tsgt Robert R., USAF

In memory of TSgt. Robert R. Woodyard, USAF and in honor of his daughter and her lifetime commitment to hope and healing, Cathy Woodyard Bray. 

Wymes, Peter J., (2020)

Made with love by J. B. Dilsheimer, Bill Zehender, and Rob Kafes to honor the memory of our dearly beloved deceased friend Peter J. Wymes, 10/31/1944-12/27/2020. Rest in Peace, Lieutenant. You are loved. You are missed. J. B. , Z and T. R.

Young, James Allen – US Navy (November, 2020)

In loving tribute to James Allen Young, donations were made to help other veterans in need.  His life and legacy are a testament to his character and the impact he made on others.


Baxter, Margaret M. (March 31, 2015)

Over the years, Margaret contributed to our veterans’ cause, as she too, was married to a veteran who served our country. This was a cause that was deeply close to her heart, as was giving back to families in need (from her daughter Sherry).

Ferguson, Nelda Ph.D. (2011)

In loving memory of Dr. Nelda Ferguson, wife of WWII KIA, whose life was devoted to serving others. She understood service and sacrifice and committed her adult life, until the age of 86, to advocated for those in need by offering her services, support and encouragement.

Johnston, Velma (2016) 

In loving memory of Velma Johnston and her steadfast support of veterans and their families.

Loveland, Lesa (2012)

In loving memory of a daughter, sister, aunt and friend who was dearly loved by her family.

Mighty Little Oakes (2012)

In honor of the family of Connie Fox Moore, founding VFU Board Member, and the mightly little Oakes (her grandchild) who was a little warrior that fought a valient battle during his one year of life. Little Oakes and his family exemplified the power of family, friends, Faith and how loving support sustains us through difficult times.

Pattee, Margaret Strabala Stockley (2011)

In loving memory of Margaret Pattee and her lifelong support of those who have served our country and on behalf of the many who loved her.

Schultz, Loretta (2012)

In memory of Loretta Shultz and in honor of her late husband, Edward Schultz, USAF.

Smith, Jacqueline Sue, March 2020

In loving memory of a mother, sister and friend whose quiet life touched those she loved.  Her legacy lives through her children and grandchildren as well as her example of tenacity and resilience through life.

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