Women Veterans

  • American Women Veterans www.AmericanWomenVeterans.org. Dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of servicewomen, veterans and their families, American Women Veterans is a good resource for veterans looking for retreats, conferences and outreach campaigns that empower members and their communities. Female service members are also encouraged to continue helping out in their communities and the nation through philanthropy.
  • Center Point Retreats – http://www.centerpointretreats.org/ Six day retreats for women veterans.  Applicants must be in counseling and have sobriety as a key focus of recovery.
  • Service Women’s Action Network – http://swan.org/  SWAN’s mission is to transform military culture by securing equal opportunity and freedom to serve without discrimination, harassment or assault; and to reform veterans’ services to ensure high quality health care and benefits for women veterans and their families.
  • Trauma Informed Care for Women Veterans
    Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness: A Guide for Service Providers, also known as the “Trauma Guide,” was created to address the psychological and mental health needs of women veterans.
  • Women Organizing Women Veteran Advocacyhttp://oars4vets.org/. A resource for women who have military sexual trauma including advocacy and support with related PTSD.

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