Eagle Rock Camp Retreatshttp://www.eaglerockcamp.org/ Retreats designed for veterans and families at no cost.

Dryhootch – www.dryhootch.org This is a Wisconsin based organization that lists a variety of support and care for veterans and families in the area.  Some of the links are very full of information and others are still in the process, but there is some helpful info available.

Veteran DD-214’s available on-line.  The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs has implemented two enhancements to the Veterans Benefits and Application Tracking System (VBATS).  The first enables CVSO’s and their authorized staff to view and print scanned DD214s of veterans, including veterans who are not in their resident county.  The second enhancement enables veterans with approved state eligibility and VBATS access to view their own scanned DD214s.

In order to start the eligibility process, a veteran should contact his or her County Veterans Service Officer.

Log into VBATS (https://services.dva.state.wi.us/WDVALogin.aspx).
Confirm the contact information and click “Continue.”
If a DD214 is available for viewing, the veteran will see a Discharge Document listing near the bottom of the Veteran Information section.
Click the “View PDF” link.
To print the DD214, right-click the image and then click “Print” from the menu.

Wisconsin Easter Seals Camp Aug. 2012 for children of military families who have been or will soon be deployed.

Vets Journey Home – www.vetsjourneyhome.org. A weekend healing process for veterans lead by veterans offering compassion and healing by welcoming veterans

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