• Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is the systematic healing art of soft tissue manipulation (skin and muscles), which results in an impressive range of benefits to health and well being.

Massage influences pain stimulation and pain perception through physical removal of waste products from the muscle tissue. As the body is kneaded, stroked and heated, blood flow is increased, taking oxygen and nutrients into the area. Waste products are removed reducing the effect of the pain-inducing chemicals.

Benefits include substantially reducing the effects of stress and related problems, reduces blood pressure, reduces tension-related headaches, provides complete mind/body relaxation, etc.

Who it may help:
Massage can help both veterans and their family members, including children.

Who may perform massage therapy:
Different states have different requirements and massage therapy is not as strictly or widely monitored as other therapeutic techniques. Visit  to find out who may be a Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork therapist in your area AND what that certification means.

Where to find a massage therapist:
You may look at or check the yellow pages in your area. It is always good check that the therapist has a Code of Ethics posted or available and what their personal credentials mean.

Will insurance cover massage therapy: In most cases insurance will NOT cover massage therapy, although it never hurts to ask.


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