Beginning a “new life”. One thing is for sure, the “only person you can change is yourself”. It would be wonderful to be able to wave a magic wand and remove the loss, fear and sense of hopelessness that often comes during readjustment and transition home.

But, it just won’t happen. However, YOU can begin to get in touch with the changes that have occurred, recognize the different ways you and your veteran coped with deployment, focus on the strengths that you have to bring through your separate challenges and begin ways to create new ways of living.

There is hope. Sometimes it does not feel like it, or it can feel like the sadness and loss will last forever. If you or your veteran feels that way, be sure to seek help. Connect with other families through Vet Centers and the resources we have provided. Know that you are not alone and that both the family and veteran are worth finding new life…you both have given a great sacrifice and now have the opportunity to renew your love for yourself, your partner, your family and the country in which you gave so much.

God Bless you on your journey!

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