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Over the past 25 years, the effectiveness of guided imagery has been increasingly established by research findings that demonstrate its positive impact on health, creativity and performance. In many instances even 10 minutes of imagery can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, and heighten short-term immune cell activity. It can considerably reduce blood loss during surgery and morphine use after it. It lessens headaches and pain. It can help reduce anxiety. (Belleruth Naparstek, 2000) An individual can purchase guided imagery CD’s from a variety of sources and listen to them. It is kind of like gentle story telling that carefully engages all of the senses. It has both a meditative and hypnotic flavor that allows the mind/body/spirit to relax and process difficult memories/challenges in a different manner.

Who it may help:
ANYONE. The beauty of guided imagery is that men, women, and children from all walks of life and experiences may benefit.

Who may perform Guided Imagery:
Guided imagery can be performed and created by anyone, including ourselves. However, CD’s are available from a variety of sources that have carefully developed specific imageries to support and encourage healing for many issues including panic, trauma, anxiety and grief. A trained therapist is not required. Individual’s may purchase these CD’s and listen to them as often as needed.

Where to find a Guided Imagery practitioner:
There is no certification or license required for guided imagery. However, many licensed therapists USE guided imagery as part of their therapy.

Sources of guided imagery CD’s are  and  or search the web site for many options in creating or purchasing your own guided imagery.

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Will insurance cover Guided Imagery:
Insurance does not cover Guided Imagery. However, a “provider” (healing practitioner) may USE guided imagery as part of his or her therapy.

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