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Over the past 10 years, different organizations have begun offering “retreats” or “camps” to veterans and/or their families.  Often, the retreats are offered at little or no cost and are intended to provide the veteran and/or family member an opportunity to experience a place and time specifically designated to them.  Many of the retreats and camps have “themes” and many of those themes relate to experiencing connection with the natural world and others who have gone through the same experiences.

We are in the process of identifying retreats and camps and their host organization for veterans and families to explore.  As with all wellness resources, it is a good idea to fully investigate the resource and to discuss it with your care team to determine the appropriateness of the event.

Boulder Crest Retreat a rural sanctuary in the VA Blue Ridge Mountains where combat veterans and their families can enjoy non-clinical, recreational therapeutic activities aimed at assisting with their physical, mental, financial and spiritual recovery. Boulder Crest Retreat recognizes both visible and invisible injuries, such as PTS and TBI.

Camp Patriot Established in 2006, Camp Patriot is a 5-Star rated, 501c3 non-profit organization that has transformed the lives of hundreds of wounded and disabled veterans. This important task has been accomplished by fostering trusted relationships created through our unique outdoor programs. Each program is specifically designed to deliver a powerful “life transformation”.  Click on “Activities and Events” to view current information about upcoming events.

Hearts of Valor  Hearts of ValorTM seeks to honor the service and sacrifice of the women who care for our nation’s wounded, ill or injured warriors by providing a community of support based on a foundation of empathy and mutual understanding.  Hearts of Valor is a network of people caring for wounded, ill or injured service members, created and maintained by Operation Homefront.

Lone Survivor Foundation The Lone Survivor Foundation Ranch Retreats are designed to focus on serving America’s wounded warrior along with their families as a unit. The retreats are hosted by experienced therapists with the incorporation of activities such as Equine Therapy, fishing and team-building exercises. The Ranch setting provides ample opportunity for relaxation as it is the intent of the Lone Survivor Foundation to provide participants with a healthy environment to learn from others, expand the understand of each persons experiences and develop methods to move beyond negative impacts that may have resulted from deployments or service to America’s Armed Forces. Click on “Attend A Retreat” on the home page to find out how to sign up!

National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center  The natural setting of Angel Fire in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico, is the perfect location to bring couples to a place where healing in nature is optimal. The Veteran couples experience Native American hand washing ceremony and storytelling of the warrior culture. These retreats are only possible with the help from our generous donors and grant funding.

Operation Restored Warrior Operation Restored Warrior Our mission is to raise up these wounded warriors to speak, share, and move with courage and certainty in order that those held captive to their life experiences may be released.

Note: VFU provides this comprehensive view of healing techniques for your convenience, but does not endorse nor recommend any specific technique. VFU does not guarantee results or outcomes from any of the materials listed on this website.





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