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Action methods are used to enable past, present and future life events to be explored. Issues or problems and their possible solutions are enacted rather than just talked about. Psychodrama offers the opportunity to practice new roles safely, see oneself from outside, gain insight and change. There is a director, an action area and group members. The director supports groups to explore new solutions to old problems, group members participate in the drama as significant others and share how they personally relate to and can learn from the presenting issue at the end of the session.

Who It may Help:
Psychodrama can be used in a group or individually for therapy and personal growth. It can also be applied to family and couples therapy. Psychodrama is practiced and taught extensively through the world.

The vast majority of conditions in psychiatry and therapy are accessible to psychodrama. Common examples are affective disorder (including drug resistant depression), phobias, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, self harm, alcohol and substance abuse. Long term problems in life-styles or relationships, including marital and family stress, can be addressed through psychodrama whether or not they have resulted in mental illness.

Who May Perform Psycho Drama Therapies:
It is the position of VFU, that only highly qualified and licensed mental health practitioners who are trained and very experienced in individual and group therapy and through a certified course in Psychodrama should be considered. Also ask about the types (individual, group, children, adults, etc.) and years of experience a licensed therapist has in making your decision.

Where to find a Psycho Drama Practitioner:
It may be difficult to find a Psychodrama practitioner, but one place to search is  (American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama) and go to “contact us”. You may ask them about finding a practitioner in your area.

Or you may go to  and to “Find a therapist”.

You may also browse the web for locations of a psychodrama therapist in your area.

Will insurance cover Psycho Drama Therapy:
Licensed mental health practitioners who are in your insurance network will be able to answer this question specifically. If it is part of individual or group therapy, there is a possibility that it may be covered by insurance.

Note: VFU provides this comprehensive view of healing techniques for your convenience, but does not endorse nor recommend any specific technique. VFU does not guarantee results or outcomes from any of the materials listed on this website.

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