Issue 01.09                                   October 2014

Wisdom from War?

During a recent VFU Board Meeting, one of our civilian Board members mentioned hearing a recent radio talk-show, describe how many WWII veterans became famous movie producers who seemed committed to telling the story of war through their “lens” both personally and professionally. As I listened to her recount the names of the movies that depicted “war brought home”, the words of our Korean War Veteran Board member kept playing in my head. When we began in 2007, he said, “Is this going to be a short term or long term organization?”

As the mother of a very-wounded warrior, who was on a very-steep learning curve, my immediate instinctual answer was “short term”.

Now, 7 years later, I understand what he was saying. Listening to the story of the WWII movie producers and hearing our Board members’ words in my head, I recognized that there was great wisdom being offered.

I am a counselor by profession. We often teach that “conflict is an inevitable by-product of all relationships” AND “it’s how we move through that conflict that can help us to grow or keeps us stuck”. If we keep doing the same things over and over, yielding the same result, then we are “stuck”. Perhaps “wisdom” is discovering together, ways to get “unstuck”.

We are currently in the longest official “conflict” in US history. The wise questions, formed from the wise ones before us, invite us to ask “what can we do differently?” Perhaps, as citizens, we have the opportunity to become more educated about the impact of combat on veterans and their families. As communities (faith, private, non-profit, etc.), we have the opportunity to create venues for honest assessments of our roles and how we embrace warriors and their families home.

It seems that war extends a profound and life-changing opportunity for us to reach deep into our hearts in search of wisdom. We just completed a photo booklet of our journey. We left the last page blank except for the words, “Time for New Beginnings”, to which my soldier-son “wisely” added, “We can all make a difference”.

Your Companion in Change,
Cynde Collins-Clark
Executive Director, VFU
VFU is an all-volunteer non-profit

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A recent trip to a doctor’s office helped us to recognize how very busy they were and how hard it must be to keep track of everything. Then we had the idea to make a quick photo book that depicted key medical issues and their impact. We have asked doctor’s to take 30 seconds to look at it before we start a consultation. It has changed everything. There is something about a picture that captures more than words can say. View Joe’s booklet here.

The local Combined Federal Campaign has begun and VFU is hopeful that donors will hear about our efforts and pledge. For 7 years, we have operated on a wing and a prayer. We have had amazing results and the journey has been full of heart…we are grateful to our Board Member Christi Roney for donating her talents to create fliers and help us publicize the good news. There is STILL so much to be done!

Our thanks to Sara Green, former and founding board member for volunteering her Saturday to help with the 60 day post deployment Yellow Ribbon. Sara also donated cups and ornaments that she bought to let our soldiers and their families know that we truly “welcome them home”! 

In Sept., 2014, VFU attended the 20th annual Zarrow Symposium in Tulsa, OK. Over 700 mental health clinician and community members gathered to learn new and helpful information. VFU offered a resource table of information that reached over 300 of those attending. Great job Tulsa!

VFU was proud to co-host the 3rd annual Speed Sharing Event.  Thanks to the Crossings Community Center, the Oklahoma Military Behavioral Health Alliance and the nearly 40 resources that attended. It is through sharing resources; public, private, non-profit, military, VA…that we have learned “we can ALL make a difference” for our military, veterans and families!

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