Issue 01.08                                         July 2014

The Few, the Proud, the Weary and Hope

When I first saw the headline news of re-ignited conflict in Iraq, of ISIS, of the Gaza Strip and of the downed civilian airliner in the Ukraine, my heart sank. As the mom of a wounded warrior who served in the first post 9-11 "push" into Iraq in 03, I found myself thinking "not again" and "will this ever end?"
I guess others may wonder the same, as the June 30 cover story of TIME is entitled "The End of Iraq", a subject that comes right on the heels of other headline news about the challenges with the VA.

It seems like there are a lot of things to be discouraged about...for me, it is the suffering of my wounded-warrior-son and the ripple effect to our family. It is the fact that we are representative of the "few" (less than 1% of the American population who have served, often repeatedly, since 9-11). It is the billions of dollars spent fighting conflicts (abroad in war, or at home with systems of care). And, it is the negligible momentum that there seems to be on all fronts, which often brings weariness and deeply felt tolls on "the proud" service members, veterans and families.

Then I reflected on the recent recognition of our Nation’s Independence on July 4th. I pondered about those “few” early Americans who set out to establish new frontiers. I recognized the “humble pride” they demonstrated in responding to a need for hope-filled change, and the kind of courage and fortitude it often takes to embark on such a quest. I remembered the stories of “weary” soldier’s and a soon-to-be-president General on the Delaware River.

So, as the current crisis of inadequate and/or inefficient care for our veterans and the on-going military conflicts abroad unfold...even in our "weariness" we have been offered the great gift of opportunity...provided and sustained by the "few and the proud". Let's seize that gift with the same fervor upon which this great nation was founded, and celebrate that legacy by continuing to move forward with resolve and Hope.

With deep respect and regard,

Cynde Collins-Clark
Co-Founder, VFU

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Speed Sharing - On Friday, Sept. 26, VFU will co-host our 3rd annual Speed Sharing Event. It is an opportunity for military, VA, civilian private and non-profit, and community resources to quickly share resources and network. If your community is interested in learning more about Speed Sharing, contact

Revised Materials - In June, VFU updated and revised "The Endless Journey Home" by Joe Collins, USAR (ret.). The new version, telling the ongoing story of the process of understanding combat PTSD, can be downloaded and printed for free, by clicking here

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We continued to be amazed at the generosity of so many. As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on those whose passion for veterans and families is far more than money can buy!

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Founding VFU Board Member Stephanie Mines, Ph.D. is seeking funding to write "They Were Families: How War Comes Home".

As the daughter of a WWII Veteran who suffered from undiagnosed PTSD and TBI, Dr. Mines has personally experienced the in-direct impact of the wounds of war and spent her 30 year career as a psychologist, understanding and treating those who have experienced shock to their nervous systems.

"Through intimate, qualitative interviews and candid stories of veterans and families, this book reveals the culture of contagion that penetrates the fabric of global society, dramatically distorting relational and familial interactions, and down shifting developmental outcomes for children and youth.

But most importantly, this book provides real, practical, effective and clinically tested re-sources for the families of veterans so that they become empowered."


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